Thursday, November 13, 2014

When it seems God isn't blessing you with a miracle.

A word about miracles from my last post.  I really hesitate right now in life to share that week of miracles that happened a few months ago.  I’ve become much more sensitive to peoples personal trials and challenges when they may not feel God is showing himself in such dramatic ways to them.  My intent in writing this blog is to bring people closer to Christ.  Yet you may be suffering and not seeing miracles in your life right now so that last post may not fulfill my purpose.  I would never want to cause pain by talking about my miracles when you may not be seeing any in your own life.  I share that week because I want to testify of the reality of our Heavenly Father.  He hears and answers prayers!  But I’ll also say I know He doesn’t always show Himself so dramatically. Sometimes He gives a dramatic miracle because it will sustain you in the bigger trials ahead.  Sometimes He is showing himself to you but you can’t see Him or feel Him because of the pain or hardness blocking your spiritual sight.  Sometimes He is asking that we just hold on and trust Him until we can see more clearly.  Sometimes He is asking you to remember all that He has already given you.
Because I am coming to know about grief and pain more acutely right now I feel a lot more empathy for others pain.  I’m not even sure what to share and what not to share.  But I guess my message is if you’re thinking God doesn’t bless you with miracles, or even just isn’t blessing your life; wait, stay soft and open, pray every day to see His hand, and He’ll get you there. 

My heart says when I falter, “Your sight is so limited!  You can’t see the big picture!  You are like a baby when it comes to understanding God.” 
I know I can trust Him.  I don’t know if everything is going to be OK, but I know I will be ok. I am learning things about the atonement that I never knew before and I know if I come to Christ in all things, I will be ok.  So will you.

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