Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sister Christopherson, "You have to trust to get rid of fear."

One last post about the mission president’s seminar last week.  Sister Christopherson is quite a good speaker and she spoke to us twice.  Here are a few things she said that touched me:
There are challenges and pain behind every door.  The Lord knows this.  He knows us and is aware of our individual trial and pain.  The atonement of our savior sanctifies us when we are dirty, torn and beat up.  We can be made holy and the effects of our pain and trials can be removed from our heart.
To turn to God we must turn our day over to him.  She told of a woman who was a great example to her.  She would pray over her day and make a list of what she felt the Lord wanted her to do.  She would pray so much that she even started putting numbers by what she felt the Lord wanted her to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so forth.  Sister Christopherson saw the desire in her to REALLY want to do the Lords will.  We must REALLY let the Lord make and prioritize our list for the day.  This is becoming sanctified.  You will also come to know profoundly what the Lord doesn’t want you to do!
A note about return missionaries becoming sanctified; the experience of a mission is a launch point.  They have become better organizers, planners, spiritually committed, socially skilled people.  Encourage them to keep using these tools.  Don’t lose this place, launch from here.  Ask, “What do you want me to do today?”  Don’t be scared if it’s uncomfortable or scary.  You’re being tweaked.  Get peace from doing the Lord’s will. 
YOU HAVE TO TRUST TO GET RID OF FEAR.  If you do nothing you’ll never move out of fear.  No one ever gained anything by doing nothing.  Told a great story about the breaking of wild horses at a ranch they visited.  The horse is taken on a journey to build trust.  They aren’t just saddled the first day; they aren’t use to anything on their backs or needing something from people.  They are sheltered, fed, made warm, watered, given shots, then blanket on their back, a bit in their mouth, etc.  The horse has experiences that show him he can trust his master. 
We have to put our hand in the Lords and let him take us on the journey if we are to have experiences with him that will teach us we can trust him.  We learn we can trust the Lord when we receive Him, follow Him and obey Him.

I want to add my voice.  I have learned that I can trust the Lord in exactly this way.  As I have prayed for the Lords will to be done in my life and trusted His way would be best, He has shown me He can get me threw and He will make much more of me doing His will, than I would have ever been doing my own thing.  I love Him.  I know He lives and I can trust Him.  I have learned not to just believe in Him, but to believe Him.  

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